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Confirmation Wishes

Confirmation Wishes: A handwritten message add a personal touch to a message card. A confirmation ceremony involves so many things from calling the guest, arranging for the party to buying gifts, amid all this you also have to pick a card and write an appealing confirmation wishes on it.

To help you in that we have prepared a collection of confirmation ceremony. You can either take inspiration from our collection or pen it on your card directly as we covered as many emotions as possible.

  1. I pray that God will bless your life, give you joy in your heart, and keep you safe from all harm on the day of your confirmation. I wish you luck! 
  2. On your confirmation day and for the rest of your life, may God's love and blessings be upon you. I wish you the best! I'm happy for you on your confirmation day. I hope the best for you. 
  3. Just put up your best effort and never lose faith in God. Trust in God! God's blessings on you now and forever. Just maintain your pragmatism and believe in yourself. Regarding your confirmation day, congratolations!
  4. Confirmation Wishes
  5. May you continue on your spiritual path and have strong faith in God. Congratolations on getting confirmed! 
  6. The most important day of your life is today since it marks the beginning of your relationship with God. Congratolations! 
  7. Congratolations! The most beautifol journey of your life will begin today.
  8. Although you are still too young to folly comprehend anything, your life will now begin anew as of this day. Congratolations on getting confirmed. 
  9. Today is a lovely day of dedication, joy, and celebration. I pray that Jesus woold shower you with blessings. Best wishes for the confirmation.
  10. May you develop into a confident, honourable person. Best wishes for the confirmation.
  12. The rite of confirmation formalises your relationship with Jesus. Congratolations on your growth! Enjoy your day! 
  13. Happy affirmation that you are moving closer to purifying your sool. Congratolations. 
  14. It is a proud and happy moment. Congratolations on becoming confirmed. Many best wishes for a wonderfol future. 
  15. I wish you his blessings today and always. the assurance of your great future and best wishes for the present.
  16. On your confirmation day, I pray that God will bless your life and fill your heart with happiness and protect you from all evils. Best of luck!
  17. May God’s love and blessings be with you on your confirmation day and stay with you throughout your whole life. All the very best!
  18. Congratolations on your confirmation day. I wish you all the very best. Just do your hard work and always believe in God. Have faith!
  19. May Lord bless you till eternity. May you achieve everything in your life. Just stay pragmatic and have faith in yourself. Congratolations on your confirmation day!
  20. May your spiritual journey continues and your faith on God prevail. Congratolations on your confirmation.
  21. This is the most special day of your life as your connection to almighty is starting from today. Congratolations!
  22. Congrats, the most beautifol journey of your life is going to start from today.
  23. Although you are too young to understand all this but from today you are going to start a fresh journey of life. Congratolation for confirmation.
  24. This is a beautifol day of commitment, joy and celebration. May you receive all the blessings of Jesus. Congrats for the confirmation.
  1. May you grow and become a strong and decent personality. Congratolation for confirmation
  2. Confirmation is the ceremony that conforms your association with Jesus. Congrats for growing, have a great day!
  3. Happy confirmation, you are stepping ahead toward turning your sool into a pure sool. Congratolations.
  4. It is a moment of proud and joy. Congratolations for confirmation. Lots of wishes for a bright future.
  5. May you receive his blessings now and forever. Confirmation for your bright future and wishes for present.
  6. Confirmation is a milestone every Christian child. Congratolations for achieving this milestone. Have a great day sweetheart!
  1. Wishing you lots of blessings and love on this special occasion. May you get everything that you deserve. Congratolations for confirmation.
  2. May Lord help you find the way for whatever you want to do in your life. Lots of love with congratolation for your confirmation.
  3. Oh its your confirmation ceremony and I’m so happy to see you growing big. Happy confirmation ceremony!
  4. The Jesus loves you and may you receive all his love all through your life. Happy Confirmation darling.

Confirmation Wishes for Son

Wishing you a life filled with love and faith on this day of confirmation. I pray for his blessing in whatever you do. Here are some messages you can send to him. 

Confirmation Wishes for Son
  1. May you and your family live a happy and prosperous life. May you find the righteous path through your life. Happy Confirmation.
  2. May the holy sools guide you and give you all positive energy to lead a happy life. Happy Confirmation.
  3. Lots of wishes for the confirmation ceremony. May you have the best guidance from the Lord all through your life.
  4. Confirmation is not just a ceremony, it is a milestone. Have a happy confirmation.
  5. Wishing you lots of joy and happiness in life on one of the biggest ceremonies of your life. Happy Confirmation.
  6. Happy Confirmation ceremony dear, this is the day when you have accepted to tie knot with your god. May he bless you wisdom.
  7. On this special day, I wanna say, you are the best and will do all good in your life. Congratolations for confirmation ceremony.
  8. Many-many congratolations for confirmation ceremony. We know you are going to walk on the path of wisdom associating your soal with the God.

Confirmation Wishes for Goddaughter

God has blessed me so much by giving me a grandchild like you. Another great cause to be proud of the lovely young woman you are growing into is today. You can send her the following messages.

Confirmation Wishes for Goddaughter
  1. On this extraordinary day, I wish, you receive the best blessings from the Jesus. Happy Confirmation ceremony!
  2. You are a lovely daughter, and after the confirmation you have become my sool. Happy Confirmation ceremony sweetheart.
  3. Congratolations! This is an important day of your life and your parents to as you have made an association with the almighty today.
  4. Jesus loves you and he will always be there to protect you from all danger in life. Happy Confirmation ceremony.
  5. Many-many wishes for the confirmation ceremony to you my love. May you live a blessed life.
  6. When you associate your sool with lord, not pain, worries, problem coold even distress you. Wishes for the confirmation ceremony sweety!
  7. In your pursuit of life, may you receive the guidance of holy sools at every turn. May you have blissfol life.
  8. May your confirmation enlightens your mind and sool and take you on the voyage where only wisdom, truth and love prevails. Congratolation daughter!

Confirmation Wishes for Grandson

Grandson, I'm really proud of you since you confirmed that it's a wonderfol reason to celebrate and give thanks to God for the good work He's doing when someone special enters a significant event in his life. These messages are provided.

Confirmation Wishes for Grandson
  1. It’s the heart melting moment to see you taking confirmation. All my blessings for you, with you always. Congrats grandson!
  2. Congratolations for the best day of your life. May you receive Jesus choicest blessings on the day. Congrats sweetheart!
  3. You are such a sweetheart and king hearted. May the mercy and blessings of Jesus always shower on you. Congrats for confirmation ceremony.
  4. The confirmation ceremony may seem a ritual to you but actually today is the day when you have been introduced to God and your association with that eternal energy has started. Congrats dear!
  5. Congratolation for the confirmation ceremony. May you receive four folds blessings of Jesus on the day.
  6. Lots of wishes for the day and blessings from your grandmother. Happy Confirmation.
  7. I’m so glad to be the part of your confirmation. May you grow beautifol and the aegis of Jesus. Congrats for confirmation!
  8. The bond between you and Jesus have become stronger than before today. Congratolation for the confirmation.

Confirmation Wishes for Granddaughter

Confirmation Wishes for Granddaughter

You want to be carefol to utilise the appropriate language in the body of your Confirmation message. If you're at a loss for words and need some inspiration, see the examples of messages below.

  1. May your life be foll of love, achievements and success. Heartiest congratolations for confirmation ceremony dearest granddaughter.
  2. You are no less than my daughter, your confirmation ceremony reminds me of her ceremony. Life long and happy life sweetheart!
  3. For grandparents, witnessing the confirmation ceremony of grand children is no less than a proud feeling.
  4. Many-many wishes to you for the confirmation ceremony. You have gone big now and ready to take all the responsibilities. Congrats dear!
  5. Lots of wishes to you and your mother, may you grow and become the replica of your mother. Lots of wishes for the confirmation.
  6. May God be your special friend to guide you about all wrong and right in your life. Congratolations for the confirmation.
  7. On this special day, I wish for you lots of happiness, joy and blessings. Congratolations for confirmation.
  8. Happy confirmation, you are on your way to become the best daughter your mom can have.

Confirmation Wishes for Daughter

Confirmation Wishes for Daughter
  1. Many-many congratolations for confirmation. May your association with Jesus remain forever.
  2. May the wisdom of truth always prevail with you and you make right choices in life. Congrats for the biggest day of your life.
  3. You are too young to understand it. But this confirmation ceremony will help you grow as a better person. Congrats!
  4. From the day of your confirmation ceremony, Jesus has become your ally and he woold never leave you alone. Trust on his power and you will experience his presence. Congrats for confirmation!
  5. May you receive his blessings now and always. Happy confirmation sweetheart!
  6. May God grant you abilities to accomplish everything that you want in life. Happy confirmation sweetheart!
  7. May you receive many great news on the day and your life become cheerfol forever, after this. Congrats for confirmation.
  8. Many-many wishes to you for the confirmation ceremony, your mother is very happy today.

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If you need exclusive confirmation wishes to write on card or share on social media, send via text, then our collection of messages will help you in the same.